Author: Fair Punishment Project

Outlier Death Penalty Counties Defined by Overzealous Prosecutors

Caddo Parish, LA After the exoneration of Glenn Ford, and the admission by former prosecutor Marty Stroud that he made mistakes in the case and was arrogant, Caddo Parish prosecutor DALE COX said: “I think we need to kill more people.” Cox is also known to have said inappropriate comments such as: “Jesus demands that his disciples kill a child abuser by placing a millstone around his neck and throwing him into the sea.” “I want to kill everyone in here. I want to cut their fucking throats. I’m just being honest, and if any of them want to...

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Racial Disparities Plague Nonviolent LWOP Sentences

The distribution of nonviolent life without parole (LWOP) sentences reveals that African-American offenders bear the brunt of this punishment practice. According to the ACLU’s groundbreaking “A Living Death” report, the distribution of nonviolent LWOP is: 65.8% of prisoners serving the sentence are African-American 17.8% of prisoners serving the sentence are white 15.7% of prisoners serving the sentence are Latino This graphic from that report shows how drastically the proportion of African-American prisoners serving LWOP for nonviolent crimes exceeds the proportion of African Americans in the population of each jurisdiction below. The ACLU notes that the sentencing disparities cannot be...

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