Ineffective counsel can be the difference between life and death for a defendant. Frequently, death penalty counties are defined by bad defense lawyers who don’t give a jury a reason to spare a defendant’s life.

Louisiana’s Public Defender System is in Crisis

Under the constitution, everyone has the right to an effective criminal defense lawyer regardless of ability to pay. But in Louisiana, thousands of people charged with crimes are waiting for lawyers who haven’t been appointed. The legislature’s funding method for...
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Life Without Parole – From Bad Lawyers to No Lawyer At All

The quality of attorneys providing a defense to individuals charged with crimes that expose them to possible life without parole (LWOP) sentences varies tremendously. Some are not up to the extremely important task of providing a vigorous defense after conducting a...
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Outlier Death Penalty Counties Defined by Ineffective Lawyers

A competent defense lawyer is a crucial component of our legal system. Outlier death penalty counties are rife with poorly performing lawyers who rarely give the jury a reason to save the defendant’s life. Nearly one in four death row inmates has been...
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