Caddo Parish, LA

Until last year, the Confederate flag flew outside Caddo’s courthouse. The Confederate monument remains. Caddo has a history of excluding African-Americans from jury service. A recent study found that prosecutors struck African-Americans from jury service at three times the rate on non-African-Americans.


This pattern of racial exclusion may not be surprising given that Caddo had the second highest number of lynchings of African-Americans in the U.S.

Clark County, NV

Prosecutors in Clark County have been scolded by the the State Supreme Court multiple times about excluding jurors from capital cases on the basis of race.

“I just don’t understand knocking these two black women off … You are so afraid of losing that you knock off African Americans consistently” -Oral Argument, Nevada Supreme Court, 2015

“This isn’t the first time we’ve been to the rodeo with your office on Batson” -Oral Argument, Nevada Supreme Court, 2015