Is There A Warrant Out For My Arrest

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There are few things more terrifying than believing that the police are after you. You may have noticed some strange things happening, or maybe think you’ve broken the law. Whatever the case, you want to know – is there a warrant out for your arrest? Let’s see if you can check! 


When we have legal problems, a warrant for an arrest is sometimes not thought of. Of course, the first thing to do when there’s a warrant for your arrest is to be informed about it! One of the worst things to happen is having a completely unexpected arrival at your door by the cops. 

Arrest warrants can often be confusing, particularly if you’ve never had to deal with one before. If you know you have a warrant out for your arrest or not, the whole thing can be really stressful – even if you’re completely unaware of the warrant, the cops can take you in if they’ve stopped you at the roadside, in the store, at your home or in the street! 

So, to counteract the potential embarrassment and anxious wait – let’s explore if you can find out if there’s a warrant out for your arrest. 

What Is An Arrest Warrant Anyway?

An arrest warrant is when a Judge has issued the police the authorization to arrest a person(s) that are named. In usual circumstances, a warrant will have details of what crime(s) that you are believed to have committed and full details of the person listed on the warrant for their arrest.

It’s also common for the warrant to detail to the police how a person should be arrested – for example, if they have disabilities or they’re a known violent offender with links to firearms etc. It may also explain the bail amount for the detainee to return to freedom. 

How Do The Police Get An Arrest Warrant?

A police officer will normally want to get an arrest warrant, which they can get by applying to the court with a signed affidavit. It will be done completely under oath with all alleged details to be in firm belief of the officer that what they have written is the complete truth. 

What Is A Sworn Affidavit?

This is a document that should tell complete facts regarding an accusation, which the accuser will swear to be true. It will also have a “clause” that states if the accuser (or affiant) has stated anything that is untrue, for example, the person accused is completely innocent – they can be open for legal proceedings and prosecution. 

If an affidavit does not meet the standards that a Judge would expect, they can refuse to grant an affidavit. Perhaps if there is a lack of witnesses, evidence or not enough description of the person or crimes alleged. 

Can You Find Out If There’s An Arrest Warrant Out Online?

The first thing to understand is that it will depend on where you live, as rules will alter from state to state and even in certain counties. Typically though, you can find out the information you’re looking for on a local records or district attorney’s website. Let’s go a little further with it all. 

Looking Up Local Records Via The Web 

We can do most things online now, and it’s probably the quickest and easiest way to do things. If you visit the website of your Sheriff’s Department, you should be able to do some basic searches there and generally, the webpage will be updated frequently. 

As we said though, it will differ in certain states and counties – some counties are incredibly small or out in the sticks, therefore might not even have a website. Even if they did, they might not have the resources to update the site regularly, meaning the information might be inaccurate – or might not include less serious crimes. 

Hire An Attorney 

A highly experienced defense attorney will have the knowledge and the full know-how of what to do when it comes to finding out if you have a warrant issued for your arrest. If you’ve already got an attorney in your employment, simply ask them to check for you. 

If you haven’t got an attorney, it’s wise to hire one as soon as you can if you suspect that you might have a warrant out for your arrest. You may even get a free consultation with some firms. 

Check Out Public Records 

Websites such as can allow you to access a variety of local links to places where you can look up if you have an issued warrant. The issue is, many websites like this aren’t free to access. But if you’re in need, you may need to spend the bucks to be sure. 

Call The Cop Station

Probably ill advised if you think you have an arrest warrant, because if you do – the likelihood is, the cops will come to your location and arrest you. If you’re planning to do this, it’s probably best to speak with an attorney beforehand. 

This should be a real last resort if the anxiety is killing you or you want to resolve things without a surprise. Your attorney could do this for you anyway – so if you need to call the cops, best let a representative do it for you to avoid incrimination. 

What To Do If There Is A Warrant Out For Your Arrest 

The first bit of advice is not to panic – you don’t want to make things worse, particularly if you live with anxiety. Don’t decide to jump in your car and skip town either, it simply indicates guilt and means this issue is hanging over your head until you return. 

Get yourself a good defence attorney who will be able to assess the situation and resolve things in the best possible way, working with everyone involved.

Is A Warrant Search Even Necessary?

You don’t want to be embarrassed at the store with your family right? Best to check it out!