Overzealous Prosecutors

Last Updated on May 11, 2022 by Fair Punishment Team

What is an overzealous prosecutor?

It’s really just a matter of opinion not fact.  There is so much grey in the world with how we look at how our world has changed and what an overzealous prosecutor is.  

If you were to get into a time machine like Marty McFly in Back to The Future and head back to 1950, would the definition be the same?   I would think not.  It’s going to be very different than if we fast forwarded to 2030 – or would it? 

With the Supreme Court changing what we’ve had in place for 50+ years with Roe v. Wade – there is an argument to be made that we’re just repeating history over again.  You could argue that the more time that goes by – the closer we’ll get back to what it was like 50+ years ago. 

Is the United States in 2030 going to look like what we had in 1950?  

Only time will tell but from what we’re seeing at the federal level today (it’s December 10, 2021 as this is being written).  

Once you define in your mind what the definition of ‘overzealous’ is, does that mean that you’ll see cases that feel like false accusations that need to be discussed further? 

Does an overzealous prosecutor allow you to sue someone for emotional damage?  It’s possible again but it’s important to remember that each case is unique so it’s important to find the right legal council to help.  

It’s important to look at history but it’s just as important to look at the future of what can happen and keep history in mind as we make decisions going forward.