The 5 Best Pepper Spray For Defense In 2022

Last Updated on July 31, 2022 by Fair Punishment Team

Choosing the right pepper spray is vitally important to maximize safety and impact to protect yourself from another human or out in the wild if you’re using it for camping protection. In this guide, I ranked and reviewed the 5 best pepper sprays, along with them organized in the top box here for you to review quickly.

Life Saver
Mace Triple Action Kit
Mace Triple Action is the best option for everyday use. Mace is pepper spray but not every pepper spray is Mace. This is the go to best product out there – get one now.
Best for Home
If you’re looking for the most powerful and attacker unfriendly pepper spray device. This is it. It lasts for 4 years and it’s going to take them down for 45+ mins. Get one now!
Best for Travel
Mean Green
If your’e looking for the device the law enforcement uses – this is it. It’s the best travel device and one that you can rely on. Go get one now if you want the best protection.
Best for Athletes
Wrist Saver
Are you a runner that is looking for a small portable device that has an LED light, way to hold your ID and still protect you when an attacker is coming at you. This is it. Get one!
Smart Pepper Spray
Did you know that you can have your pepper spray tell authorities that you’re in trouble? That’s exactly what this can do. It’s really powerful and you should get this.

Whether you’re looking for bear spray, tear gas or if you’re just worried about accidental discharge, we have you covered.  We break down the pepper spray you’ll need for self defense (whether from a bear attack, animal attacks or non lethal self defense) and make sure you’ve got the right self defense weapon.

This is where understanding if pepper spray is legal in NYC or any other state is legal. 

Pepper spray is a great non-lethal way to defend yourself, but only when used effectively.  In this guide we’ll go over the best ways to use your pepper spray canisters and some general information about self defense.

Pepper spray is a personal safety device that has has a long shelf life and may or may not have a safety lock you’ll need to look at. 

Police and safety officers is seen and used in big events like the January 6th 2020 insurrection and showed up in the Occupy Wall Street movement in 2011.  It’s a common weapon used (along with tear gas and mace pepper spray). 

What is pepper spray?

After looking at a ton of different pepper spray brands, pepper spray guns, chemical mace and the pepper gel that exists, here are my top picks for the best pepper sprays.

Mace Triple Action Kit – Pepper Spray with Tear Gas and UV Marking Dye

Best Everyday Pepper Spray is one of the most well known brands out there.  People will mistakenly think about Mace as pepper spray.  Mace is a brand of pepper spray that you will see and use that can be your everyday carry pepper spray when you’re thinking about which brand to keep you as safe as you’d expect them to.

Key Features

Range: Long Range Protection of 12 feet for self protection.

Strong Formula: They’ve created an OC Spray and tear gas that has a uv marking dye built in to leave your traditional pepper spray in the dust.

Convenient: They’ve built in a keychain pepper spray here to make it easy when needing the defensive sprays to work for you.  You’ll also be able to take this through TSA for checked bags – don’t try and go through with this as a carry-on.  That will cause you a problem.

Flip Top Safety: Because you’ve got a flip top safety cap it will prevent accidental discharge which will keep everyone safer. 

User Experience

A very easy carrying pepper spray as you can see from the image here.   You’ll have everything you need for personal protection with this pepper spray. 

Remember that the Mace brand is pepper spray but that doesn’t mean that pepper spray is Mace.  You’ll always want to make sure for your defensive spray that you’re using the Mace brand. 


Mace offers a variety of products; therefore, the prices may vary.  However, the triple action kit continues to show up as the best package you can get for the price and it’s not most pepper sprays so make sure you’ are looking at the pepper spray pricing and check that you have enough pepper spray by considering this package from Mace.

What I like / dislike


  • The brand – Mace is confused with pepper spray.  They’ve done an amazing job with marketing and branding so to a point where people think that Mace is the only selection. 
  • The case is police strength which means that you’re going to feel just fine when you have it for protection. 


  • There are too many options when looking at the site.  I try and break it down here so it’s easy to pick the right option of pepper spray but it’s really hard to know what the best pepper spray really is. 

Kimber America – Pepper Blaster

Best for Home Protection

Kimber America is not just a pepper spray company.  They have been around for a long time producing protection devices and have some of the best pepper spray devices that are going to make sure you’re protected.  It’s not a small little gel spray or a small uv dye device that’s going to have a hard time telling the difference between cayenne pepper or cs tear gas. 

They’ve manufactured a fantastic pepper blaster which is one of the best pepper spray dispensers you’re going to find on the market.  We’ve gone through quite a few pepper spray reviews and this one tops the charts.  Let’s get into it.

Key Features


When you’re looking for pepper spray that has the power of the Kimber pepper blaster, look no further.  This is it.  The spray pattern is going to hit the attacker and disable them for 45 minutes  so don’t worry about screwing up the finger grip or the quick release on this.  You’re going to be able to try a practice spray and make sure you’ve your stream spray pattern setup the right way for this.

This will go 13 feet and at 112 mph so your attacker is going to wish they went somewhere else – that is for sure!  This seems like something we should all carry – especially with all the craziness that’s going on in the world right now.  Can you imagine disabling an attacker from 13 feet away?

Shelf Life: You’re going to get up to a four year shelf life with this and it’s going to last that long.  If you can get a shot to the face it will disable the attacker for 45 minutes or more.  This is not like the traditional sprays – you’re going to have one of the best self defense sprays that will take out the attacker like never before.

Maximum Strength Formula: Because this is not setup like a typical aerosol can and has a chemical irritant built in – it’s going to be your defense spray that will make sure your attacker knows it.  It’s not going to drop pressure over time like the aerosol / traditional pepper spray that you’ll find. 


If you’re going to invest in the pepper spray PepperBlaster II, you’ll need to get at least one.  I would recommend the three pack in red since you’re going to want to make it stand out and know that it’s not a gun. 

You can see the individual cost at the time of writing this is $37.99 per device but you can always check out their store here for the latest pricing.

What I like / dislike


  • The shelf life is top notch.  It lasts for four years without loosing any pressure and you get two shots to the face to drop them down for 45 minutes.  What could beat that?
  • Finger Grip: Some of these pepper spray devices are going to have aerosol cans that will be tough to grip onto and with the burning sensation you’ll get if it’s pointed the wrong direction – it will be important to have this pointed in the right direction.
  • Kimber America: They’ve been around for a long time and with the safety tips they can provide to you with their history in pepper spray and you aren’t overwhelmed by the number of products – they have one which is the PepperBlaster.


  • It’s not Mace.  When you’re looking for pepper spray whether that’s pepper spray for self protection or you’re getting a stun gun to go the extreme – it’s just not Mace so there is that.
  • Size:  This is not something you can put on your wrist or on a key ring.  It’s a big device that will be tough to carry around with you.  This is something that will live in the car, house but would be tough to go on a run with so make sure you have one of these AND a pepper gel or pepper spray that you can take with you.

Mean Green Staining Green Pepper Spray

Fox Labs has been around since 1992 and has been delivering the best quality pepper spray to law enforcement since then.  You’re going to find a variety of products from uv dye to pepper gel and maybe even some ghost pepper devices that will have built in led light or quick release key rings.  There are so many options with Fox Labs – head over to their site here and check it out.

Key Features

Range: This beast can get up to 20 feet in a cone pattern.  It has one of the longest ranges and you’re going to be happy you picked this one up for the range.

Size: The size of this thing is much more manageable in comparison to some of the competitors.  The size of the unit is 5-3/4” High x 1-1/2” Diameter.

Burst vs. 1 Shot: This beast will discharge up to 36 one-half second bursts.  It’s pretty amazing to think about compared to the two shots you get with some of the competitors but that means you need to be more accurate vs. the blast radius of some of the others which are going to make it easier for you to handle the attacker.

Shelf Life: You’re going to get 3 years out of this which is pretty good for the small size vs. dealing with some of the other options here.


There are going to be lower cost options but for the quality and price – this threads the needle. 

What I like / dislike


  • Size: This is the pocket size I need if I’m going to be out and about. I can’t be carrying the PepperBlaster around everywhere even though I do love it.
  • Shelf Life: If I don’t use this for 2 years – it will still work and I love that.
  • Spring Loaded Top: This top will jump off and will make it easy to make sure you’re ready to go against an attacker. 
  • Green Dye: I love it has invisible uv dye that is going to be important for tracking the attacker.


  • The 1/2 bursts – I want to have a wide cone and distance to get the attacker down on the first shot.

Wrist Saver

Personal Savers was created by athletes that wanted to have an easy and portable solution for those of us that need protection and pepper spray when we’re out and about.  This product has been around since 1995 and it has grown into quite a brand ever since.  They have specialized devices for every type of outdoor activity to make it as easy as possible for you to be protected.

Best for Outdoor Activities

Key Features

Size: You can’t get anything better than this.  It’s small and portable for any activity outside.  It fits on your wrist and it’s going to be portable where ever you are. 

LED Light: This has an LED light to help you on early AM or late PM runs and you will be able to see where you need to spray this if someone is coming to attack. 

ID Holder: It’s hard to have a single place while you’re running to hold everything.  If you want to go for a run and have an ID holder, LED light and pepper spray – this is the device for you.


It’s pretty straightforward pricing as you can see in the image here.  The pepper spray is going to be $14.95 with the wrist saver so get a few of them if this is going to be your go to.

What I like / dislike


  • Free Shipping
  • OC Spray – High quality product in the device itself
  • $1 Replacements – they will replace the cartridges for life if you lose them in a run


  • The Power – this is useful for a run or being outside but it’s going to be difficult to have the power of a PepperBlaster so make sure you are happy with the small size
  • Falling Out? – They reference a few times that the canister might fall out so that seems like a risk since you’re going to be running and outside.  There really isn’t a good solution here but that is something to consider.  It might be wise to consider a quick release key ring style pepper spray.

Sabre Smart Pepper Spray

Best for Communication

What you see in the images are the details about what some would say is the best pepper spray company out there.  I would argue that Mace would fall into that category because aren’t we all saying that we need ‘Mace’ and not pepper spray?

Sabre pepper spray is one of the more well known brands and you’ll see Sabre red pepper gel which could be used as bear spray but most likely you’re going to be using this for an attacker as your self defense pepper spray.

Key Features

Location Based Notification: This is one of the only devices you can use that will trigger a notification when you trigger off the pepper spray from your device.

Range: There is a 10 foot range and you can disconnect from your key ring to act as a personal protection device to make sure you’re protected.

Alerts Authorities: When you trigger this and it’s connected to your phone, you can trigger a notification to authorities to make sure they are aware and are on their way. 


This is one of the more expensive devices but it’s also one that is connected to your phone to notify your contacts and authorities.  You’re trading off the power of bringing an attacker down for 45 minutes with the PepperBlaster for the 10 foot range but you will notify others that you need help. 

What I like / dislike


  • Maximum Strength Formula: This is the #1 used product / brand from authorities and they use it because of this.
  • Safety Cap: You’ll have control over the top and it’s a great defense spray
  • Phone Connectivity: Only Saber has the connectivity (that I’ve found) to a phone that will make it easy for you. 


  • Range: I don’t like how short the range is in comparison to some of the others


State-by-state pepper spray laws

I’ve started to compile state-by-state laws for pepper spray so make sure you check out our State Map and find the right pepper spray rules for your state.

What does pepper spray do?

Pepper spray is a self-defense device that can be used to deter an attacker by causing temporary blindness and difficulty breathing. The active ingredient in pepper spray is capsaicin, which is a natural irritant found in chili peppers. When pepper spray comes into contact with the eyes or mucous membranes, it causes pain and inflammation.

How long does pepper spray affect you?

The effects of pepper spray typically last between 15 and 45 minutes, depending on the individual. Some people may feel the effects for longer or shorter periods of time. Pepper spray can cause temporary blindness, difficulty breathing, and intense burning sensations.

What should I do if I get sprayed with pepper spray?

If you get sprayed with pepper spray, it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Rinse your eyes with water for at least 15 minutes, and try to remove any clothing that has come into contact with the pepper spray. You may also want to take a shower and wash your hair to remove any residual pepper spray.

If pepper spray is considered a weapon in some states, so it is important to check your local laws before purchasing or carrying pepper spray. In general, however, pepper spray is legal to purchase and carry in most states. Some states have restrictions on the size of the container, the concentration of the pepper spray, and how it can be used.

Does pepper spray actually work?

Pepper spray is a highly effective self-defense weapon, but it is important to remember that it is not 100% effective. There are a number of factors that can affect the efficacy of pepper spray, including wind direction and the size and weight of the attacker. Pepper spray is most effective when used in close range ( within 10 feet).

What to Consider When Buying a Pepper Spray?

The price for pepper sprays depends on several aspects. If the plan is to put the bag inside your car or backpack. The size of the containers and colors are more than purely subjective, but they are legitimate factors. This buying guide is intended as part of your decision-making process.