"Law too gentle are seldom obeyed; to severe, seldom executed." ~ Benjamin Franklin


Yes! From a legal perspective, if you receive a subpoena to give a deposition, anywhere in the USA, then you must do so. Even though ...

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Do You Legally Have To Give A Deposition?

A deposition is a legal term used to describe a formal session that is carried out to gather sworn evidence and the testimony of the ...

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What Kind of Questions Do They Ask You At A Deposition?

Depositions involve witnesses appearing at a predetermined time and place to give testimonies under oath. They usually occur during the discovery phase of a lawsuit ...

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Does A Deposition Mean Going To Trial?


There are many factors considered when determining spousal support in a divorce. Wellbeing, age, and length of marriage all affect spousal support.States will often refer ...

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What Determines Spousal Support in a Divorce?

One of the best ways to protect yourself financially in a divorce, is to sign a prenuptial agreement when you get married. Now no one ...

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How Do I Protect Myself Financially in a Divorce?

Divorce settlements are often stressful and worrisome times for every party involved. Many people want to get in and out of the settlement meeting as ...

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What Should A Woman Ask for in a Divorce Settlement?


First of all, as the plaintiff or claimant, you must submit what is known as a complaint, which is a set of papers that contain ...

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How Does A Plaintiff Initiate A Civil Lawsuit?

The United States operates off a common law legal system. In systems like this, the term civil case refers to something that is not a ...

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What Would Be Considered A Civil Case?

A wrongful death is considered to be a death that occurred due to the intent, negligence, or misconduct of another person or entity. If you ...

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What Do You Need for a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?


If you’re unlucky enough to be caught in a car accident, you might be hoping for a pay out by the negligent driver who hit ...

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Can You Sue For Pain And Suffering In A No Fault State?

When it comes to physical damage, it is common knowledge that we can sue for injuries suffered or damage done to property etc. but, it’s ...

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Can You Sue Someone for Emotional Damage?

Some time will need to pass after an accident for you to be able to sue for personal injury, this will allow medical professionals to ...

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How Long After An Accident Can You Sue For Personal Injury?


Alongside a will, you should have powers of attorney for finances and health care. These should all be a part of everyone's estate planning documents. ...

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Do I Need A Power of Attorney For My Will?

Life can be unpredictable, which is why it’s important to think about those unlikely situations that are, well, unlikely to happen, but could have huge ...

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What is a Living Will vs a Will?

Yes, technically, a will can be handwritten. However, there is a certain criterion that needs to be met when it comes to handwritten wills to ...

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Can A Will Be Handwritten?