Can I Shoot A Pellet Gun In Your Backyard?

Last Updated on May 11, 2022 by Fair Punishment Team

Owning a pellet gun can open up a range of different activities. These include small pest control, target practice shooting, plinking and many other practical uses.

You really are spoiled with choice when it comes to an air gun.

However, the real question is, can I shoot my pellet gun in my backyard?

By current legal guidelines, you are allowed to shoot a pellet gun in your backyard if you have been granted permission and you are over the age of 18.

However, this will highly depend on different jurisdictions. To shoot in a highly populated area or within 15m of a public road or place is against the law.

Backyard shooting activities are far more common nowadays in the U.S. and in many other parts of the world. Using your backyard provides avid shooters with an excellent range for regular shooting practice.

Can I Shoot A Pellet Gun In Your Backyard

Things To Consider Before Shooting In Your Backyard

Yes it is your own backyard. However, there are certain rules and aspects you still need to observe so that you remain in tandem with the law.

The first thing to do before purchasing an air gun, is to understand the laws of using an airgun within your state. The local authorities will tell you if pellet guns are legal to use.

These authorities will also recommend the type of pellets you can use and what sort of range you should be from your house to ensure safety.

Safety is very important when it comes to using a pellet gun. Backyards are shared so there could be pets or birds around the garden that you could cause potential harm to.

If your backyard is especially large, then you will have far more space to conduct pellet shooting. Smaller backyards would require you to move any pets inside to protect their safety.

Additionally, if your backyard borders your neighbour’s house, then ensure you are shooting in an opposite direction to their house.

The last thing you want to do is cause any damage to someone else’s property.

Beforehand, you can speak with your neighbours about the shooting practice if you know the gun will be considerably loud and cause disruption.

The best decision would be to moe your target range area away from your neighbours house.

Also, when laying out your target range area, create safe boundaries that are a safe distance from the road, public areas and other social amenities.

Why Would You Use Your Backyard For Pellet Gun Shooting?

As long as you understand the laws surrounding pellet shooting, then you can gain a lot from using your yard for this activity.

For example, you may want to develop your shooting skills and your backyard would allow you to do this on a regular basis.

Your backyard is also a good area if you are just starting out on firearms as it is a more comfortable environment for you to sharpen your skills.

Additionally, if you want to introduce your children to the target sport, then a backyard is an ideal place to ease them into training.

Is It Legal To Shoot A Pellet Gun?

Fortunately, most governments have legalised using airguns in your backyard. This has meant that the sport has grown in popularity due to the accessibility it now has.

You do have to be 18 and over to be able to own a pellet gun and use one. 18 years old is the official legal age for owning firearms such as air guns.

Is It Legal To Shoot A Pellet Gun

The Use Of Airguns In The United States

Within the United States, the regulation of airguns is influenced by the local authorities and governments across different states.

Some of these states will permit airgun use and others will have imposed restrictions.

In a nutshell, if you possess an air gun, use it responsibly. This will avoid breaking any legal restrictions and will keep you and others safe whilst you are performing these activities.

Noise And Neighbours

If you want to stay friends with your neighbours, then the sound of these pellet guns is something you should take into account.

Thankfully, most pellet guns will not create a loud sound as a result of the shooting.

However, if you do not have a big backyard, the chances are that the gun will sound a lot louder. This will not make your neighbours very happy.

If this is the case, even if your gun is PCP or CO2 moderated, then you should speak with your neighbour beforehand to notify them about the intentions of your shooting. This will avoid any unnecessary arguments.

What Should I Look For In A Pellet Gun?

What you look for in a pellet gun will depend on what sort of experience you want to get out of it. The main features you should look for are precision, speed, safety, power and durability.

Different shooters will have different tastes when it comes to pellet guns. For instance, shooters that are into powerful pellet guns should look for the AirForce Texan Big Bore.

This pellet gun shoots at ferocious speeds and will generate 300ft of muzzle energy.

If you would rather go for the more quiet option, then a stealth shooting air rifle such as the Gamo Urban PCP might be more suited to your taste. Although it is quiet, the gun has great accuracy, power and overall performance.

Final Thoughts

To summarise, yes you can shoot a pellet gun in your backyard. However, you could cross potential legal restrictions if you do not contact the local authorities first.

Most local authorities and governments will allow the use of a pellet gun but it is worth researching if you need to gain a licence first.

To avoid any unnecessary fines or charges, observe the rules and guidelines that correlate with the use of airguns where you are.