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Last Updated November 2021

Who we are

We are a legal resource. We are a great first stop on the journey to legal knowledge. We consist of attorneys, professional journalists, and objective content providers. We are committed to providing high quality content to answer commonly asked legal questions. Our material is intended to demystify the law, and legal process. We are a compass, a navigation point, a first line of defense. We provide free insight, and our information is fact checked. Our Staff Writers are vetted, and our contributors are practicing attorneys. Our website is currently not state specific meaning the information is written for the broader audience. Our writers continually edit articles and content to ensure it’s as up-to-date as possible.

Our Team

Andrew McGuire

Andrew is in charge of managing the objective nature of the materials presented through this website. He manages all articles written by Staff Writers, and ensures they are thoroughly sourced and the content vetted. Andrew is a media expert, and believes that all people have a right to reliable, accessibly legal information to guide them in whatever vexing battle has arisen.

Andrew McGuire is not an attorney, and defers any legal question to an attorney. This information provided is to help people, but should not be their final step in a legal journey. Andrew McGuire is committed to providing access to justice, and this is his attempt to provide a knowledge base for individuals looking for basic legal information.

Blaine Clooten

Blaine Clooten is an attorney practicing in Oregon. Blaine has been quoted in the Oregonian, and contributes a monthly article to the East Oregonian. He’s also been quoted in other local publications. Blaine Clooten is one of our attorneys in Hermiston, Oregon. Blaine is a regular contributor to Fairpunishment and provides many videos that supplement staff writer articles. Blaine Clooten specializes in Family Law, Estate Planning, and Personal Injury. Blaine Clooten runs a Hermiston Law Firm. Blaine answers a variety of legal hypotheticals through articles on Fairpunishment.

Blaine Clooten was a prosecutor for over 7 years, and currently serves as a Pro Tempore Judge. Blaine owns a private practice he runs with his Wife, M. Nicole Clooten. Blaine is subject matter expert in several areas of the law, including jury trials, criminal law, divorce, custody, wills, trusts, bankruptcy, and contract law.

Fairpunishment.org Staff Writers

The Fairpunishment staff writers consist of journalists who abide by strict expectations when writing articles and must only write based on credible sourcing. The sources our journalists use vary from article to article, but they follow state law, federal law, case law, local law, and various national acts.

Not all articles are written by attorneys, but all articles are ethically sourced, and are intended to be a guideline for those searching for legal knowledge to use as a baseline in their research.

M. Nicole Clooten

Nicole is an attorney practicing in Oregon. Nicole is an article editor, and she helps contribute content. Nicole Clooten is one of our attorneys in Pendleton, Oregon. She has been helping her clients with divorce, custody, modification of parental rights, spousal support and child support cases for the better part of a decade. Nicole runs a Pendleton Law Firm.

Nicole helps edit the articles written by attorneys. Nicole is a subject matter expert in trial and family law.

Who we are not

We are not your attorney. We are not here to provide legal advice. The mistake that many legal sites make is they dance around this issue. We do not. There is no substitute for competent legal advice, from an attorney, for your unique situation. Laws change. Laws vary from state to state. Federal laws differ from state law. It is simply not possible to provide a single point of reference for every person. One day, we aspire to be able to provide individual, state specific legal information on a variety of legal topics. But today, please consider us general legal information. Please do not rely on our information alone, and instead, seek legal advice for your situation.

Nothing in this site is intended to create an attorney client relationship, and any information shared with, by or through our website will not be considered confidential. We are not affiliated with any University or any other non profit entity.