Civil And Misdemeanors

What Is A PR Bond

What Is A PR Bond?

America may be a great country, but its criminal justice system is a river of complexities that flows slightly differently in certain states. Understanding the importance of PR bonds in the U.S. is essential knowledge every citizen should know. Life …

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Is Pepper Spray Legal

Is Pepper Spray Legal?

Knowing how to protect yourself is vitally important. If you cannot properly protect yourself then you might feel as if you aren’t ever safe. That you are constantly vulnerable to whatever an outsider might do to you. That you might …

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Can You Sue The IRS?

Suing the IRS is a common topic that taxpayers are interested in, and we understand – you’ve had it up to your eyeballs with unfair domestic, international, and penalties. You will probably be pleased to know that if you pay …

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What is a PSI?

In American criminal law, a PSI stands for a Pre Sentence Investigation. If you are scheduled for a PSI appointment you will be interviewed by an PSI officer who will ask questions pertaining to your biographical background and your current …

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