How Do You Win A Personal Injury Claim?

Last Updated on October 13, 2021 by Fair Punishment Team

No one wants to be in an accident, but unfortunately, they are a part of life. Being involved in an accident is not only incredibly traumatic but leaves many of us with long-term injuries and expensive medical bills or repairs to undertake.

These are frustrating enough, but it’s even worse when it isn’t your fault. You feel angry that you have to pay for damage you didn’t cause or medical bills that aren’t your fault. It’s frustrating and upsetting, and you feel helpless.

How do you win a personal injury claim

Thankfully, that’s where personal injury claims come in. they hold those responsible to account and ensure that the victims get the compensation they deserve. But are they easy to win? And just how do you win a personal injury claim? 

It’s what we are here today to find out! Keep reading for detailed advice on how to win a personal injury claim! 

How do you win a personal injury claim?

Having a clear and strong case is the best way to win a personal injury claim. We know that the sentence sounds vague, but the devil is in the detail to win your claim.

The more information you can provide to prove the injury was not your fault, the more chance you have for success! 

Photographs of the accident, the scene, reports from the police or medical professionals all add weight to your case and offer a higher chance of success.

Seeing a doctor or seeking medical treatment quickly after the accident provides a clear paper trail too! The opinion from a doctor will carry weight and show there is a genuine injury caused here. 

Having an accurate figure that you are claiming for will also help you to win your injury claim.

You will need a breakdown of the physical costs, such as medical bills, damaged property bills, as well as proof of any emotional claims you are making. 

Again, medical reports here are a vital asset! You can work out the claim yourself or hire a lawyer who will help with the whole process.

While it is not vital to have legal representation, those who do have a higher chance of winning their claims, a lawyer can provide insight, help with legal documents, and argue your case in court.

Yes, they will require paying, but for the cost, we think it’s worth it to ensure your case has the highest chance for success.

It’s worth conducting your research to find the best lawyer for you and your case too. Remember that providing you can prove the accident wasn’t your fault and all your information is correct, you have good chances of a positive outcome!

How do I maximize my personal injury settlement?

You can do a few things to maximize your personal injury settlement and ensure you get the money you deserve. Most of these involve acting quickly, so do not delay after the accident has occurred!

If you cannot gather the necessary information due to hospitalization, enlist the help of an attorney who can take care of the claim for you!

First, you will need a record of everything. A clear and detailed record of the injury paints a clear picture for attorneys and claim adjusters, helping them calculate a fee. Be sure to visit a doctor as soon as possible too.

Documentation from a medical professional detailing your injuries, how long recovery will take, and the financial cost will add weight to your case too. 

Submitting your claim quickly will help your case too. Not only does it speed the process up, but it shows the lawyers you are taking the case seriously and getting the compensation that you need.

That being said, don’t rush to take the first offer you receive. Weigh up your options and know your worth to get the most out of your settlement and the compensation you deserve! 

How do I settle a personal injury claim without an attorney?

To settle a personal injury claim without an attorney, you will need to make sure you are well prepared!

Having all your evidence and the correct paperwork can go a long way to having the claims adjuster and other lawyers taking you and your claim seriously. 

To ensure you have all the correct information, we recommend you gather as much information as possible.

Photographs of the accident scene, detailed medical records, police reports, if required, will provide a clear picture of your claim and help you get the case settled and the amount you are entitled to.

Extensive evidence proves your case and shows the adjuster you are serious about the claim and know your rights.

It’s worth brushing up on personal injury claims and settlements to understand the jargon when you are in these meetings.

Looking like a serious, well-spoken, and well-researched individual can set you apart from other claims adjusters see, and as bad as it sounds, you are more likely to get the result you want this way.

It can also help to speak to the insurance adjuster before submitting your claim. They often provide you with a calculated cost of compensation that they view as fair.

A fee calculated by an insurance or claims adjuster usually has a stronger chance of winning during settlement cases. Instead of pulling a random amount from the air, do the math. 

Calculate any physical damage and its cost before emotional costs to offer a number to the settlement. It can also help show the breakdown of these costs and again aid your case to a better chance of success. 

What are the chances of winning a personal injury lawsuit?

The chances of winning a personal injury lawsuit aren’t very high, in all honesty. Not because these cases aren’t deserving of winning or are thrown out of court, but because many of them simply don’t make it to the courtroom.

In fact, according to the US Department of Justice, between 90 and 96% of personal injury cases are settled before they head to trial!

In these cases, a settlement can offer you a significant cash value but does not necessarily hold those that caused your injury to account in the same way a court case can. 

Of those cases that do make it to court, many often lose. In particular, those who pursue the case without legal representation do not win their cases. While the odds can seem stacked against you, we still think it’s worth pursuing!

Be sure that you conduct your research and find the best legal representation to increase your chances. Gathering as much evidence as possible will also increase your chances of a successful outcome when filing a personal injury lawsuit