Motor Law

Is Double Parking Illegal

Is Double Parking Illegal?

Have you ever double-parked and wondered if it’s okay to do so? Perhaps you are enraged by the number of people double parking and wonder if it is illegal or not? Or maybe you are unsure what double parking is …

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What Is A Class E License

What Is A Class E License?

Licenses can be confusing at the best of times. In the modern world, we all require driving licenses, it is just a fact of life when you live in big countries that have long working hours, while juggling your home …

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What Is A Probationary License

What Is A Probationary License?

There are a number of steps to getting a driver’s license. First, you need to pass the permit test, then learn how to drive and finally pass the driving test. As part of this process, the Graduated Driver License System …

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What Is A Class D License?

There are so many different types of driving licenses, and each one offers drivers different rules and regulations regarding which vehicles they can drive, and what they can use the vehicles for. So, what types of driving licenses are there, …

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