Does a deposition mean going to trial

Does A Deposition Mean Going To Trial?

Depositions involve witnesses appearing at a predetermined time and place to give testimonies under oath. They usually occur during the discovery phase of a lawsuit and their purposes are to learn what the witnesses know and to record their testimonies, …

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What happens during a deposition

What Happens During A Deposition?

Typically, a deposition will occur at the office of either the attorney or the court reporter, but it could also take place at your own office if you have one and would feel more comfortable. Attorneys from both the defense …

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What is an example of deposition

What is an Example of Deposition?

A deposition is part of the pre-trial discovery process in US civil proceedings. Under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, plaintiffs with a strong suspicion that they were wronged can file a lawsuit, even if they do not have solid …

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