What Does A No Contest Plea Deal Mean

What Does A No Contest Plea Deal Mean?

Whatever an individual is charged with, whether a misdemeanor or a felony, the individual is usually given a choice to plea not guilty, guilty, or no contest. With the first two pleas being straightforward, what does no contest or nolo …

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What would be considered a civil case

What Would Be Considered A Civil Case?

The United States operates off a common law legal system. In systems like this, the term civil case refers to something that is not a criminal offense. As a general rule, civil proceedings tend to be focused on gaining compensation …

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What Assets Can Be Seized In A Lawsuit

What Assets Can Be Seized In A Lawsuit?

What do you have to lose in court? The original payment that should have been paid? A small sum, seeing as your lawsuit wasn’t actually about money? Unfortunately, the cost of a lawsuit is often way more expensive than you …

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