What Can You Do At 21

Last Updated on May 11, 2022 by Fair Punishment Team

Birthdays are big milestones in a person’s life, whether it’s your 1st birthday, your 18th or your 90th, it’s a reason to celebrate. This is even more true when it comes to turning 21, your 21st birthday is recognised universally as a reason to celebrate and reflect but why?

Why Is Your 21st Birthday Such A Big Deal?

The vast majority of people are aware that turning 21 is a big deal, the less commonly asked question is why? Generally speaking it is because turning 21 is legally and mentally seen as the beginning of a new chapter, you are officially a fully fledged adult.

It is interesting though as in places across the world, such as in Britain, the 21st birthday is still a really big deal yet most of the laws surround turning 18 not 21.

What Can You Do At 21?

Celebrating is all fun and games but it is only natural that you want to know what exactly your new title gets you. What can you do from your 21st birthday that you couldn’t do yesterday? The answer is a lot. The striking of that clock is sure to change your life. Below we have created a list of some of the biggest things that you can do from 21.

  • Book A Hotel Room- It might sound silly but generally speaking you can’t book a hotel room until you are 21. Now you are an adult you can book as many as you like, giving you the freedom to travel or just have somewhere nice to stay after a few drinks with friends.
  • Visit A Casino- Maybe this isn’t the first thing that you should do (especially after some drinks on your 21st) but now that you are officially 21 you are old enough to visit the casino, gamble and enjoy a few drinks there. It’s an atmosphere like no other so it is worth going at least once. If you have the opportunity, visiting a casino in Las Vegas is definitely one for the bucket list.
  • Buy Liquor- Perhaps one of the more simple yet useful things you can now buy liquor from the store. This means you can buy it as gifts for people, to have a quiet drink in front of the tv or to throw a party. Whatever your reason for buying liquor you now have the complete freedom to do it.
  • Smoke Legal Cannabis- If smoking cannabis is your thing then the good news is that now that you are 21 you can legally buy cannabis. This is much safer and often much more cost effective than using a drug dealer and involves a lot less risk. So whether you are an avid smoker or simply want to try it once you can now do so legally.
  • Get Your Pilot’s License- Ever dreamt of flying a plane? Well, now you are officially old enough to soar the skies. Being old enough to get your pilot’s licence provides you with a new sort of freedom, the freedom to experience great heights and travel at breathtaking speeds.
  • Apply For A Concealed Weapons License- This one varies slightly from state to state but the majority of the time at 21 you can apply for a concealed weapons licence. This licence gives you the right to own your own concealed weapons.

    For the exact laws, rules and regulations surrounding this you should seek legal advice so that you know what exactly is covered by the licence.
  • Become An Uber Driver- Perhaps one of the more exciting options. At 21 you can become an Uber driver, whether it is food or people that you want to drive around this is a valid option. If you are looking to earn some extra cash then this is a fun and easy way, especially if you enjoy driving.

    However, it is also important to remember it can be quite a dangerous job with risks including lots of time being spent on the road and driving drunken and potentially aggressive passengers around.
  • Adopt A Child- This is one of the more unusual options and something that you are less likely to rush into but at 21 you can theoretically adopt a child. Of course, before you do this there are many other factors to consider including financial stability, how much free time you have and your living situation. The good news is if you decide that this is the right next step for you the option is now there.
  • Get A Commercial Drivers Licence- Getting a commercial driver actually comes with many perks and one of the good opportunities that come with being 21. Once you have a commercial drivers licence you can drive commercial vehicles for business related reasons.

    This gives you lots of opportunity to change career paths or to progress your current career. Once again, it is important to remember to look into the legal side of this and what exactly a commercial drivers licence covers.
  • Rent A Car- Many companies require you to be 21 to hire a car. The even better news is that Hertz have just dropped their additional charge for those under 25 so you can now do this for a much cheaper price.

    You may choose to rent a car for many reasons including if you have a licence but do not yet own a car or you may wish to borrow a much fancier car for an evening out or a road trip. Whatever your reason, renting a car is sure to be a fun experience.
  • Supervise A Learner Driver- At 21 you are officially old enough to supervise a learner driver. There will be other criteria that you need to hit in order to be eligible for this one so it is important that you look into that.

    However, being old enough to supervise a learner driver can come with many perks. For example, you may be able to support a friend or your parents may be willing to pay you to support a younger sibling.

Final Thoughts

Turning 21 is an exciting time in any young person’s life so be sure to enjoy it. However with all this new found freedom it is also important to not let it get the better of you and to stay safe. For instance, don’t try to cram everything in straight away, just take it one day at a time and enjoy everything as it comes.

Try to use this new adult status is a constructive way, for example many of the examples above provide good career progression.