You’re at your wits end and ready to file a divorce. You live in the great state of Michigan. Your search has led you to this article which discusses things like residency requirements, grounds for divorce, necessary forms, information gathering, …

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How To Start An LLC In Florida

How to file for divorce in Florida

This article provides an overview regarding divorce in the state of Florida. Generally speaking a divorce in Florida can be a straightforward process especially if there are no children involved in the matter is largely uncontested or wholly uncontested. Many …

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How To File For Divorce

At a fundamental level there are two possible ways to file for divorce: 1) Hire an attorney, or 2) Do it yourself. When it comes to hiring an attorney, you need to perform due diligence to make sure you are …

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What determines spousal support in a divorce

What Determines Spousal Support in a Divorce?

There are many factors considered when determining spousal support in a divorce. Wellbeing, age, and length of marriage all affect spousal support. States will often refer to the Uniform Marriage and Divorce act when determining spousal support. This act underlines …

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